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The Womens Integration Network is a registered scottish charitable organisation based in Glasgow, Scotland.  The team consists of highly experienced, and dedicated women from various cultures and backgrounds that are passionate to see all women in our communities thrive, with recognisable leadership skills.


We support women with confidence and promote capacity building, that empowers women to make positive changes in their lives and their communities.  We recognise that many women experience ongoing challenges that can negatively impact on their wellbeing, therefore, we have developed a range of wellbeing activities and programmes using creative arts, music, conversations, entrepreneurship skills and outdoor activities.


We work in partnership with other helpful organisations that support womens choices and promote a culture of dignity, empathy and compassion.


We aim to reduce isolation by encouraging valuable and sustainable friendships through social groups and communications whilst highlighting the challenges facing all women, with particular emphasis on supporting asylum seeking and migrant women, that are often marginalised within our communities.

Our approach is honest and empathetic, using a Community Development Human Rights approach that leads to a methodology of Community Development Participatory Action and Asset Based Community Development practice, that promotes social justice.  We support women to recognise and stand up strongly for their rights and challenge discrimination when we face it.  We challenge injustice collectively and passionately.




We are able to signpost women to different services to provide support.



We deliver groups that allow women to come together, meet new people and engage in a variety of activities.


Housing Advice

We have a Housing Advice and advocacy service for asylum seekers and those with leave to remain.



We provide an effective advocacy service for women when attending meetings and appointments .



We promote integration in the communities we deliver our programmes.



We deliver programmes that promote wellbeing and offer our participants opportunities to improve confidence and learn new skills.

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